Comprehensive Eye Tests in the Sydney CBD

The eye test – how many times do you have to answer so many questions in such a short time?  Have you felt stressed, not sure which was one and which was two?  

At BONEHAM | PETERS OPTOMETRIST we give you the time to make decisions and discuss your options with an experienced optometrist. Sarah and Gavin will work with you to achieve the best vision you can. We will also thoroughly examine your eyes for any signs that could cause problems now or in the future.

What Happens During an Eye Test?

For a comprehensive eye examination, please allow for 45 minutes with the optometrist. During this time we will take detailed history of your symptoms, and depending on your particular vision concerns, a range of eye tests will likely be performed. These are all painless and comfortable for the patient.

To conclude your eye test, a clear explanation of the results will be provided, along with options for treatment should it be recommended by your optometrist. If your results indicate that you could benefit from spectacles or contact lenses, clear options and costs will be discussed with you prior to proceeding.

The consultation itself will be Bulk Billed to Medicare for Pensioners and patients younger than 18 years of age. Otherwise the cost of a comprehensive optometrist consultation is $90, and we can claim your Medicare rebate for you on the spot. We also have visual field testing on-site and a high-resolution OCT to aid in diagnosis and monitoring of your eyes. 

Please note urgent cases will be seen the same day ensuring prompt attention. If your visual problem is of a serious medical nature, the optometrist will refer you to specialist medical practitioners at either The Sydney Eye Hospital or by a local ophthalmologist in Sydney CBD for immediate attention.

Experiencing Vision Deterioration

Deteriorating vision can be caused by several factors including:

  • * A change in prescription
  • * A change in the focusing state of your eyes
  • * Age-related changes
  • * Dry eyes
  • * Impairment of ocular co-ordination
  • * Medication-induced changes
  • * Ocular or systemic disease

Our optometrists can help to determine what may be causing your issue and provide a solution. If you have experienced a change in vision, you should seek professional advice quickly.

Services in Our Examination Procedure

Our services include:

  • * Diabetic retinal examination
  • * Glaucoma testing
  • * Indirect ophthalmoscopy
  • * Tonometry
  • * Dilated retinal examination
  • * Dry Eye assessment
  • * Computer Vision assessment
  • * Myopia control
  • * Computerised visual field assessment
  • * Ocular computerised tomography – OCT
  • * Biometry and Axial Length Measurement
  • * Colour vision
  • * Ocular digital photography
  • * Commercial and driving vision assessment

Boneham Peters

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