Sports Eyewear and Prescription Glasses in the Sydney CBD

BONEHAM | PETERS OPTOMETRIST are well-respected for providing quality sports eyewear and prescription sports glasses.

Sports prescription glasses have different requirements to your everyday glasses. They have to fit so they don’t fall off. The lenses are often larger and wrap around the face to protect from wind and dust. All these factors  require experience and expertise to be fitted correctly. Michael has been fitting these types of lenses for over 20 years so can provide expert advice on what you require. Our optometrists can work with you to optimise your vision for your sport.

We are also a supplier of prescription swimming goggles, snow goggles, sports protective eyewear and snorkelling goggles. If you have any sports prescription needs, speak to the team at BONEHAM PETERS OPTOMETRISTS on (02) 9262 2555 or email us at

Rudy Project

Our most successful range for sports eyewear is Rudy Project™. Without a doubt, it’s the most appropriate outdoor sports prescription eyewear of our time, with full self-adjustable arms and nose pieces on most models.

The most popular prescription and non-prescription is the Rudy Project Rydon. Direct in-frame will provide improved optics with a free-form compensated prescription lens, manufactured in Italy.

These lenses can be made photochromic (clear to dark), polarised, tinted or clear. This is a popular option for a cycling prescription. The wrap lenses protect from wind, dust and UV. We also prescribe these lenses for golf glasses with options for reading correction!

The Rx insert option by Rudy Project offers a less expensive alternative for sports prescription by having the lens made locally. There are a few options with clips and docking systems. This is also a good option for higher prescriptions. These inserts are available for different Rudy models.


Bollé has revolutionised the sports prescription industry with their innovative and exclusive sunglass programme. Offering the widest range of prescription powers from +6.00 to -8.00 (Cyl/astigmatism up to 4.00D) that the market has seen so far, the programme provides you with a huge range of authentic lens options to choose from. Customers can mix and match a frame to any lens option. Lenses are available in Polycarbonate and Trivex materials, and can be produced in 99% of all prescriptions.

All lenses are up to 45% lighter and 72% thinner than standard, wrap prescription lenses. Single vision and Progressive options are available. Compensated prescriptions are calculated automatically online to suit the frame and prescription. This also allows our resident dispenser, Michael, to see whether the lenses will suit.

Adidas Prescription Snow Goggles

Can’t wear contact lenses in the snow? Uncomfortable with goggles over glasses? BONEHAM | PETERS OPTOMETRIST can help! We have a range of ski goggles available with prescription inserts to give you clear vision on the slopes. Depending on your prescription, these can often be done the same or next day.

ProGear Eyeguard Sports Safety Goggles

Safety approved sports prescription eyewear for a multitude of sporting activities to suit all ages. Visit BONEHAM | PETERS OPTOMETRIST to try on a large range of sports goggles/eyewear approved for soccer, football, rugby, basketball, squash, netball and so much more!

Prescription Swimming Goggles

Michael has trialled many goggles to find the pair with the most appropriate seal and comfort with a prescription.

If you are an avid swimmer who wants to see better in the water, we have the solution for you. $110 with lenses delivered the next day!

Prescription Dive Mask

If you want to see better when you snorkel, we can order dive masks with prescription lenses. Speak to Mike on (02) 9262 2555 or email us to find out more.

Maui Jim

This iconic Hawaiian sunglass brand has many options for your sporting needs. They have a great HT lens for golf which really highlights the green. Finding it hard to tie your hooks when fishing? A bifocal Maui Jim polarised will do the trick!

Come and see us to see what Maui Jims Sports frames in prescription and non-prescription glasses are available for your needs.

Boneham Peters

To find out more about our sports eyewear, call 02 9262 2555

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