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Is there anything I can do to slow down my myopia?

Yes there is. There are a number of options available

With increasing use of near work, smart phones and computers in education, starting from a young age, it is no surprise that the prevalence of myopia, (shortsightedness), is increasing in the world.  The BHVI has predicted that, at the current rate, 50% of the world’s population will be shortsighted by 2050. More worrying is that 10% of the world’s population, around 1 billion people, will be high myopes.  These people are at a significantly increased risk of permanent vision loss.  The reason being that the eyeball lengthens in myopia.  If it gets too long it places a lot of pressure on the eye. Leading to vision-threatening conditions including retinal detachment, cataract, glaucoma, myopic maculopathy etc

Thankfully there has been a significant amount of research on myopia management and, over time, more and more solutions are now available to slow myopia progression. We will go through the current research on this topic. 


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