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Theo, not just a pretty face

THEO are not just a frame that pretty’s up your face, they are also a quality product that is made with pride and finesse. Theo is based in Antwerp, Belgium, a city well known for its avant-garde view on art and culture. A perfect place for THEO’s base. All of their frames are produced in factories that are specifically chosen to meet the high quality standards and design requirements of THEO. The artisans involved hand-craft and meticulously inspect every finished piece. Each frame produced is a reflection of their dedication to the craft of making eyewear that is unique in appearance and attention to detail. Make an appointment at our Sydney or Mosman boutiques to view our THEO collections


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Cutler and gross

Cutler and gross

We have recently added Cutler and Gross to our boutique frame collection in Mosman. Cutler and Gross set up their business in Knightsbridge in 1969, offering handmade frames. Over time their frames designs and quality attracted attention from public figures including...

THEO,  Be bold

THEO, Be bold

Theo frames are distinctive, individual, fun, colorful and bold. Most people on first look, think "they look great but there is no way I could wear them, I am not bold enough". However, once you put them on it is hard to take them off. The more frames they try the...

Bad Bunny and Kuboraum at The met gala

Bad Bunny and Kuboraum at The met gala

Bab Bunny, as cochair at the Met Gala, made a grand entrance to the event sporting a pair of Kuboraum sunglasses. Kuboraum, dreamed in Berlin, handmade in Italy are, what could be best described, as an eclectic collection of unique frames that announce themselves...