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Which frames are the most comfortable?

As a frame can stay on your face all day it must be comfortable.  There are several things that we need to look out for to ensure that the frame and your vision is comfortable.

These include fitting (how it fits on your nose and around your ears, Weight, design, sensitive skin, nickel content, Lens type used.

In this blog we will discuss fitting the frame.

Fitting of a frame,  There are a number of factors 

Choosing the right length of the arms (temples) of the frames.  The correct temple length allows use to wrap the temples around your ear. Very important for securing them on your face so they do not move when you move your head down.  The average frame temple length is 135 mm and this will be long enough for most of us.  However, some of us have a smaller or larger head and these will need shorter or longer temples to ensure we can fit the frames properly.

The width of the frame.  The frames you wear need to be the correct width.  If too narrow the temples will push on the temples of the head, apart from being uncomfortable this can also push the frame forward. If the frame is too wide, apart from not looking good,  it can be hard to get the frame fitting correctly.  Choosing the correct width of the frame is important for frame comfort.

How the frame fits on the nose.

A fair proportion of the weight of the frame is taken by the nose, so, choosing a frame that sits well on the nose can greatly contribute to a comfortable wearing experience with your frames.  

Getting the nose pads right

Most metal frames use nose pads to distribute the frame weight onto your nose.   These nose pads can vary.  These nose pads vary in material and size.  Most frames use an acrylic nose pad and these work well for ost people as long as the pads are adjusted so that they sit parallel to the nose.  In some cases people find smaller nose pads work better while for other faces larger nose pads work best.  We also use silicon nose pads for those people who appreciate a softer feel on their nose.  There is a large version of the silicon nose pad that works very well for certain asian faces. 

Fitting an acetate frame on the nose.  Acetate frames distribute the frame weight over a larger area than nose pads and these can be better options for some patients especially those who get ‘marks’ on their nose from nose pads


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