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What is it about theo?

What is it about Theo that keeps them looking so new, so appealing to you and the public?   Theo glasses never go unnoticed.  Theo wearers tell us they are often stopped and told,  ‘those glasses look great on you’ OR asked ‘where did you get those frames?’ If you are wearing Theo frames you have to get ready for people looking at you, noticing how good you look in your glasses and commenting to you.

Theo’s frames designers are prolific, producing new ‘families’ of frame designs.  Each year theo eyewear launches ten innovative ideas that lead to 50 new models..Theo are very quickly becoming one of the go to frames for those of  our clients who want to brighten up their face and the days of others. 

One of the latest ranges, pictured above, at Boneham Peters are the Painters Palettes .  This range draws inspiration from the world of art. Each frame is treated as a canvas, with colors and patterns that recall famous painters. So, if you are drawn to the bold strokes of a modern masterpiece or are more attracted to the classic look, the Painter Palette range offers frames that transcend the boundaries of conventional eyewear.



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The art of spectacle making

The art of spectacle making

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